Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

My sister just linked to my blog so I better get it in gear and post something. I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while. Thanks for the motivation sis.

Range of Motion. What does that mean? Range of motion is the movement of a joint through it’s full natural articulation. If you want to break it down even further, it would be ‘All the way Up, and All the way Down.’ The main point we want to make here is that you are moving as far and as safely as possible. When you do this, you get the most bang for your buck.

Please notice that the hip is below the knee. When you squat at this depth you engage both the front (quads) and back (hamstrings) of the leg. When this is done the muscles of the leg work in concert with one another. The quads compliment the hamstrings and vice versa. When you isolate your muscles during workout (think leg extensions, leg curls, and partial squats) you create muscle imbalances that may cause you to be susceptible to knee injuries. And this is not only a lower body issue.

Push ups, Dips, and Pull ups performed with partial ROM will only hurt you in the long run. You can never go wrong with ‘All the way up and all the way down.’ Is it harder. Yes. You have to remember that you are working out/training to get better. Nobody cares if you can to 40 partial ROM push ups. That doesn’t help you become healthier, stronger, and ninjafied.

Check out this video of a full on ninja. I never knew that the push up was so technical. But now that I do I’m better for it and my shoulders feel great. It is really not that much stuff to remember. Once you get it ingrained, you’ll be able to knock out a ton of push ups and stay healthy through the full ROM of the shoulder.

Just remember that this is not rocket science. If you are unable to do a full ROM push up on the floor, raise your base of support for your hands. Place your hands on a couple of chairs or lean against the stairs. By raising your base of support you can scale a push up for your level of strength. If your are very de-conditioned, you can lean against a wall. You will still be getting the benefit from the full ROM. You will also be maximizing your workout time.


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